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Corporate and bulk face mask sales

Help protect people and make a brand statement

We can brand with your logo

branded washable and reusable antibacterial face masks

We provide a range of well-made and certified quality face masks. With options to choose from, you can help your people, and those they interact with feel more comfortable. Our masks are not medical but rather high-quality face masks designed to help protect further against virus and other airborne particles.

Ideal for situations, such as:

  • At work (client meetings, supplier meetings, visitors to your premises or offices, off-site travel etc.)
  • Rail stations
  • Airports
  • Buses and bus stations
  • Underground

And of course, wherever else people congregate.

If you are interested in learning about volume discounts or branding opportunities – please contact us:

washable fashion masks for busy offices
wear masks on airplanes
wear reusable and washable fashion masks at sporting events
wear reusable fabric masks in factories