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Why reusable masks are better for you

Not all masks are made equal. Of course, at a basic level, they need to provide protection against droplet and bacteria. This has led a lot of people to think that as long as your mask is providing some kind of barrier, then that’s all there is to be concerned about.

For this reason, plenty of people have been choosing cheap, reusable face masks, which – while certainly better than nothing – are not the best option available.

The environmental issues

Before we get into how reusable masks can be better for you, let’s talk about how they’re better for the world we all live in. Just like everything else we throw away, disposable masks have an impact on the environment – and because of the global pandemic, there’s a lot of them, so that impact is significant.

The UK alone sends more than one billion face masks to landfill every month, and as the world wakes up to the realities of single-use plastics, it’s clear that this is a situation that needs a solution as quickly as possible. With reusable face masks, a huge part of that equation is already solved: we just need to embrace it.

A tighter fit

In terms of effectiveness, one major point to consider is the material used in the mask. We can’t comment on all reusable masks in this regard, but we can assure you that our raw material reaches a microbial rate of 99.9%. The other major point to consider is the tightness of the fit. This is where our reusable masks have a clear advantage over many disposable options.

It doesn’t require a degree in microbiology to understand that if you’re trying to create a barrier that prevents droplets getting through, then any gaps are going to make it less effective. Our masks are designed to fit and hug your face while remaining breathable.

In contrast, many disposable options are ill-fitting and often have gaps around the edges. These gaps are like an open window you forgot about after locking the door. In terms of droplets, they’re a potential way in – and this is something that can be avoided with a quality reusable mask.


The reason we mentioned our masks are made to be breathable is very simple: we understand that your comfort is important. Not only does it simply make wearing a mask a more pleasant experience, but it means people are more likely to wear them.

Many of you may be reading this thinking that you’d wear a mask for the safety of people around you no matter the discomfort. However, this is a team effort, and we need as many people to be involved as possible to help stop the spread. More comfort means more people doing their bit.

Breathability isn’t the only example of this either. We also utilise Silver ion technology in our masks to keep them feeling comfortable and odour-free for longer. It’s an intelligent delivery system that sends silver ions to the surface of the mask to keep it fresh after being washed. This means wearing a mask no longer has to be an uncomfortable endeavour, so more people can feel better about using them in their everyday life.

More fashionable

You can find all kinds of different styles and colours of masks on our site, and although this isn’t a safety issue, we think it’s still a serious benefit.

We’re living in strange times and we think that by treating masks as fashion items – as well as safety essentials – and making them look more like a regular item of clothing, we can get rid of any kind of nerves or stigma people may have about wearing them out in public. Plus, it’s another way to showcase your individual sense of style, which is always a plus.


Yes, we know what you’re thinking: the very reason many people use disposable masks is because they’re considered practical. However, is that really the case? We would suggest that the average person only really needs three masks – one to wear, one in the wash and one on standby just in case. Keep them in the same place and use as you need them.

Is that really more difficult than having to constantly buy and throw away disposable masks? That’s not to mention keeping track of how many you have so you’re never left lacking. We don’t think so – and we think when you combine this with all the other benefits, choosing reusable masks becomes a no-brainer.

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