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How to stop your glasses fogging – 3 simple tips | Coverd

With the latest announcement regarding the compulsory use of facemasks in shops from 24th July we wanted to provide some anti fogging advice.
The announcement will bring England into line with Scotland and other major European nations like Spain, Italy and Germany who all made face masks mandatory. Health Secretary Matt Hancock said it would “give people more confidence to shop safely and enhance protections for those who work in shops”.

With some of the Coverd team being optically challenged we know only too well the inconvenience of having your glasses steam up whilst wearing a facemask. With that in mind, we got the team together and decided to share our top tips on how to avoid steaming up your lenses.

Make sure to wear a tight-fitting mask

First and foremost it’s important to wear a mask which fits you snugly leaves less area for your breath to escape from.

This is why Coverd have focused on providing facemasks which have a good design that fits most faces neatly and snugly whilst maintaining a comfortable fit

Our elasticated ear loops on our Dlux brand and our and adjustable ear loops on our Colours range ensure that the mask fits snugly around the face.

Ideally for the best fit, your mask should be nice and snug against your nose and cheeks. There should not be any slack space or gaps for air to escape, especially right beneath your eyes.

If your mask is not snug enough when you first put it on you should try tightening the straps for a more secure fit or choosing a smaller sized mask.

Mask behind your glasses

Another top tip to help secure your mask around your nose is to move it higher up on your face and then essentially “seal” it in place by resting the bridge of the glasses on top of the mask. This keeps the mask close to the cheeks and in turn prevents the air being pushed toward the lenses.

Tissue paper & Tape

This option requires lining the top of the mask with some tissue paper prior to putting it on. This keeps the mask snug to the cheeks and bridge of the nose and prevents air escaping toward the lenses.

Another method similar to the tissue paper method is simply to use tape. This also prevent gaps around your cheeks and beneath your eyes.

You should simply place your mask on your face and then tape it down securely across the bridge of your nose and across your cheeks.

We would suggest considering the option of medical tape or another type of tape which is designed to be placed on your skin to avoid any irritation and/or pain when removing it.

Wash your glasses in soapy water

This option helps provide an effective defence against steam.

Just before you are planning to wear a face mask, you should briefly wash your glasses in soapy water, shake off the excess water and then let them air dry.

This method creates a thin film which prevents the steam in its tracks. There are also anti-fog wipes and spray available in shops which acts in the same way as soapy water.

Why do masks steam up?

Glasses usually fog up due to the limited airflow causing the breath to escape from the top of the mask.

Whilst exhaling, your warm breath comes into contact with your cooler lenses which in turn steams up your lenses.